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Welcome to KLINTOZ Pharmaceutical Pvt. Ltd. (An INDO-USA Joint Venture Company) website. The company is a part of a Globally Established group having turn over more than 200 Million US$ and known for Export in Russia, Kazakhastan, Uzbekistan, Kyrghystan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Armenia, Gruzia, Baltic states, Azerbaijan Republic, Cyprus, Ukrain etc.


KLINTOZ Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. have a modern manufacturing unit at Roorkee in an Excise Free Zone near a Holy place Haridwar in India. The KLINTOZ Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.'s manufacturing unit is a WHO-GMP and ISO:9001-2008 certified, where quality assurance is "OATH" to provide the best quality health care products for the mankind.


KLINTOZ's best quality manufacturing strengths have established it as a producer of pharmaceutical formulations of world-class generics, branded generics and a major supplier of Tablets, Capsules, Oral liquid , Dry syrups, parentral, MDI, Powder & ointment dosage forms, covering a wide range of therapeutic classes, like Antibiotics, Analgesic, Anti-pyretics, Anti-inflammatories, CNS stimulants anti-depressants, ART, Anti-malarial, Anti-Alergic, Anti-Oxidant, Anthelmentics, Antacids, Oncology Products, vitamins, nutrients anti-ulcerants, anti diabetic, anti tuberculosis & cardiovascular products.


KLINTOZ's marketing policies are to develop new drug delivery system with ethical approch to mankind to provide quality Healthcare products at affordable price.


The KLINTOZ's manufacturing unit is based on ultra modern technology systems to feed outsourcing demand with an extra production capacity.

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